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A few sentences regarding sportsmanship at the start of the season. 

Let’s be the school that our players/families/community can look up to.  Don’t misunderstand, we all like our players/teams to win, and our coaches will do their very best to put their teams/players in that position, but “breaking news”…….it won’t always happen.  Part of our Slope Football program is to teach the players the game, to have fun, build teamwork and character.  Football is a grind.  But if you want to win at all costs and treat the players like professionals, maybe other high schools would be a better choice.  Let’s celebrate good efforts and good plays by both teams.


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All of the schedules for the football season are loaded in there and the scores will be filled in weekly as the games are played. Also, the home page will keep track of the power points in the second half of the season.

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Thanks for listening,  and Go Vikings!

Kevin Hanson, GridIron Club President

Opposing teams-they are no different than our young men, just wear a different uniform.  Let’s show them, coaches, parents respect as well.

SunnySlope Football Notes


Coaches-they devote countless hours to the teams/players, work late hours routinely, and get to stand out in the sun and heat daily for extended periods.  They are not professional coaches, get paid nominal amounts, and do the best they can.  If you have concerns/questions, then of course approach the coaches, but not before/during/after games, reach out to them at the end of practices, or send texts/emails.

Players-all are trying as hard as they can, after hours and hours of practice.  They will make mental and physical errors, but until they start getting paid for playing, get used to it.

Referees-they get paid next to nothing to officiate these games, mainly because they enjoy the game and being around these young men.  We do not have instant replay, and they WILL make bad calls, and it will potentially cost us games.  That is part of the game.  In all my years I have never seen a call reversed due to a fan making a fool of themselves in the stands.  Trust me, the coaches will voice their opinion in situations that need addressing, so let’s let them do their job.