Varsity Thursday Team Meals

Joining the Sunnyslope Football Gridiron Club is a great way to support your student athlete.  Football is a year round sport and we always need help with the current season and to start planning for next year.  We have a number of things to going on, and we need ALL of your help, especially the parents of incoming Seniors.

When you register your athlete each year please consider checking as many volunteer boxes as possible!! 

If you would like more information about the Gridiron Club please email


History of Thursday meals is to provide a “home cooked” meal to the players.  We understand that some of you are, how do we say it, just not good cooks, ha ha, ( I fall into that category) so if it needs to be catered, okay, just please try and NOT have it be pizza.  Pasta’s with meat/casseroles, etc. make great choices that the players love.  Error on the side of qty vs. fancy/etc.


Welcome to SunnySlope Viking Football